Replica Hupa Bow 2




Up for your consideration is a replica Northern California Hupa bow. Due to the wide, thin, and high reflexed design, these bows are very complex to make and recreate. In fact I have argued for years, these bows are the most challenging to make in North America. This bow is 35# @21″ of draw length and carried 6″ of reflex! The wood is high elevation yew which is backed with 3.5 heavy layers of sinew. After the bow was tillered and shot in it was wrapped the handle with brain tanned leather and painted with a traditional Hupa design on the back. Like many of the originals this bow has rabbit fur decorations above and below the handle wrap. Most Hupa bow strings were made of animal sinew or gut. However, on this one I used strong synthetic string called fast flight. This bow is fast and quiet. This bow comes with two arrows.


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