Throwstick Central Desert Hunter




A highly refined and precisely balanced throwstick which boasts of excellent flight stability and as near an ideal balance of both power and speed as we can muster, for the stronger, athletic thrower. The Central Desert Throwstick is a piece of history which has proven itself a capable hunting tool for generations. This is our premium version of this ancient mainstain.The stout, streamlined design and finer edges deliver maximal overall energy transfer across the entire stick for a heavy penetrating blow at long ranges. The larger fluted grip size assists with precise stick alignment in throwing. Very long range straight flights are available if you have a good enough arm, but the “CDH” tends to be forgiving of weaker throws as well, albeit with shorter flight range results. Designed for the survivalist hunter who may target mobs of animals at extreme rangs, or anyone else that just wants a powerful long ranged kylie. Be careful to not lose this one in the distance. It doesn’t ever seem to stop! To the thrower it looks like a flying insect buzzing in the distance when it’s still defying gravity 120+ meters out. This is our favorite model.

Additional Information:
Hand crafted from tough, black polycarbonate
Approx. 668mm/26.3″ x 385g/13.6oz
Potential mob hunting range out to approx. 105 meters for skilled throwers
Total range approx. 110-135 meters / 120-147 yards (individual results may vary)
Our exceptional record throw of 147.5 meters achieved with this stick
Extra stable/forgiving/stout platform
Fluted, extra streamlined airfoil with finer edges for efficient long range energy retention and deeper target penetration.
Large sized grip for easier alignment and control
Designed for strong and athletic throwers.
Enhanced tolerance of variant wind conditions
Standard model is right handed only


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