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Client Testimonials

At Primitive Lifeways we work with hundreds of students each and every month. We guarantee after taking one of our classes you not only will go home feeling accomplished but you will have an all new understanding and outlook in the great outdoors. Below are testimonials from our students who attended our classes.

Great flow in the class, very little non-activity time. Two instructors with huge subject knowledge, everybody got some one-on-one time as needed. Instructors are very patient and don’t have attitudes or superiority complexes. I would recommend this class to anyone looking gain survival skills. I would also refer scout troops to these courses as these guys were professional at all times. My 12yr old had a blast and we’ll be back to take more courses.
– John McKenzie


IMG_2194At the Primitive Lifeways class about primitive fire building techniques, my son and I learned how to make primitive fire with a hand-held bow drill that was constructed from locally available materials. It was so amazing to actually be able to create fire in the same way that people did over 10,000 years ago! My son has been practicing this new skill at home every day with the hand bow drill that he made at the Martin Survival class. He gets very excited when he can create an ember that then ignites his tinder bundle. I feel that this is a valuable survival skill to know, and I can now understand and identify with how our ancient ancestors must have felt when they made fire the same way. Many thanks to Jeff and Shawn for the hands-on instruction about using the hand-held bow drill and the many other fire building methods that were demonstrated at the class!


We will definitely be back for another class. It was great to get to know you guys, and now I am part of the bushcraft community with Stephen!
– Michael Richardson


The class, the teachers and the people attending the class were GREAT! Everyone was very enthusiastic, yet patient to explain each and every questions that was asked. The teachers made sure to spend time with everyone on an individual basis. What a great experience and I can’t wait for to attend more classes with Jeff and Shawn.
– Benjaman Kandora


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I found the class to be highly educational. Jeff and Shawn were very knowledgeable and stuck with course plan. We learned the bow and hand drill methods which until this class I had never been successful with. Also learned what types of wood to look for in the construction of these two methods. Made a tinder bundle, made bow drill spindle, and learned other various ways to make fire with common things you would find around your house. Very professional and knew the subject matter they taught well. Instruction was top rate. I came figuring an hour or two class and it was five-six hours when all was said and done. My son Bodie and I learned a lot. It’s one thing to read or watch skills being done it is totally another to actually be doing them.
– Sean McCormick


The class was great! I enjoyed being out in the woods learning plant identification and primitive traps.

– Fernando Valenzuela


Jeff and shawn are very knowledgeable and their classes are affordable. There’s something strangely satisfying about ribbing two sticks together to make fire. #caveman
                      – Morgan Monshaugen