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Welcome to Primitive Lifeways

Welcome to Primitive LifewaysHaving lived in the high desert and surrounding mountain areas for over 30 years, we want to share the knowledge, information, and field time experience we have acquired. Primitive Lifeways invites you to join us on outings where we will teach ancient technologies, archaeological practices, ethics, and nature awareness. Our classes offer a wide variety of skills for all ages. You will learn primitive fire, shelter building pottery making, plant medicines, ancient weaponry, basket weaving, prehistoric jewelry crafting, prehistoric culture, and much more. From one outdoor enthusiast to another, I want to thank you for visiting Primitive Lifeways.

Mission Statement:
Primitive Lifeways is committed to the preservation of Native culture, languages, and the archaeological data recovered to keep the past alive. We recognize Native Americans as successful individuals who have endured and triumphed before, during, and after hard times. Furthermore, we see Native American people as artists, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and good stewards of wild lands.