Primitive Lifeways Featured in Different Media

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Magazines and Articles

In the spring of 2019

Jeff wrote one of the most extensive and exciting articles of his career. This article has covered the history and making of the sinew-backed bow.

In 2018

Jeff wrote an article on replicating a prehistoric Sinagua style necklace.

In the fall of 2017

Jeff published an article on how to shoot a bow Ishi and Comanche style.

In the June/July of 2017 edition

Martin had an extensive featured segment on how to make and craft an agave arrow quiver using minimal tools.


In May of 2017

Jeff Martin, Mark Swanson, Kiowa Sage, Giovanna Horning, and Mike Lowe held a weekend primitive skills gathering where they were featured in the Daily Courier Newspaper. Below is a picture from the gathering (not all attendees are pictured).

In May of 2012

Jeff was featured on page A5 in the Hi-Desert Star newspaper. A week prior to this article, the local community experienced a small stream of earthquakes, forcing citizens to consider being prepared. In the newspaper, Jeff discussed how to build a bug-out-bag, what kind of gear is needed if a disaster happens to strike, how to use a knife, and more. After showing journalist Leslie Shaw his bug-out-bag and the items he packs for his survival, Jeff discussed safe places to go during an earthquake, what kinds of supplies you can stock up on, and keep at home, where to store food, and most important of all—having a plan. Martin explained having a plan to meet up and get ahold of family and loved ones is critical in a natural disaster; most cell towers will be down and lines will be crowded with traffic after a natural disaster, so being able to bug out and meet the family at a set destination is critical.

January 2, 2013

Jeff was featured in the Hi-Desert Star—this time for covering wilderness living skills. In the fall of 2012, Jeff joined up with David Cooper (an expert tracker and local search and rescue team member in the Joshua Tree National Park) to teach a wilderness living class inside of the National Park. Martin and Cooper taught students from all walks of life the following skills: finding water in the desert, shelter construction, traps and deadfalls, heat management, tracking animals to water sources, primitive fire, signaling for rescue, edible and medicinal plants, and much more. All students received hands-on experience using primitive and modern-day tools. Jeff explained to the Hi-Desert star, “Thousands of hikers get lost every year and most come unprepared, so learning how the Native Americans lived off of the land is critical to desert living and survival training.” Martin is a firm believer in hands-on experience when it comes to learning traditional skills.