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A bunch of Handmade utensils on mud

Disease, Power, and Ceramics in Prehistory

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it becomes apparent that different people handle the threats of infectious disease differently. ...
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Prescott Pottery Designs are available for research

Prescott Pottery Designs Explained

How Experimental Archaeology Can Help to Understand the Past For years some of the most brilliant minds and leading researchers ...
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Pottery designs that existed in Prescott Culture

Prescott Culture Migration in Prehistory

Abstract Arizona is home to an elaborate and lengthy prehistory which archaeology can study and analyze. In order to achieve ...
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Grab from video showing Making The Lakota Bow

Making The Lakota Bow

Here is a video I am very proud of. For the past year I have been quietly working on filming ...
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Art from The Mimbres culture of North America

Where Did the Mimbres Go?

The Mimbres culture were a prehistoric North American group and branch of the Mogollon tradition who occupied a significant territory ...
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Poster congratulating new Mayor and City Council members

A Good Day For Archaeology

It was an unusually hot day in late May of 2019 as monsoon clouds were teasing our archaeology field crew ...
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An ornament of an Asian man in silver color

The Burial of the Magician – A Hopi Relation

What you are looking at is one of the richest prehistoric burials in ancient Arizona. This individual, known as the ...
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Pottery art depicting lifestyle of a past civilization

Archaeology Explained – Religion and Sacrifice

One misconception about the prehistoric American Southwest is that people were always peaceful and just wanted to live in harmony. ...
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Measuring dimensions of argillite found during the survey

Wilkinson Ranch Archaeology

In early March of 2020 Primitive Lifeways LLC conducted an archaeological investigation and survey at a large Prehistoric Prescott Culture ...
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An art depicting a Native Sacrifice taking place


Several days ago a video went viral of Candace Owens discussing the issue of violence and cannibalism in Native America ...
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