Primitive Lifeways membership is your complete guide and resource to everything primitive skills and archaeology. Members gain exclusive access to perks including free virtual and in-person classes, giveaways, store discount codes, and much more. Primitive technologies can take years learn, however by becoming a member we take you step by step through each skill in order to cut the leaning curve in half.


Skills You Will Learn

Primitive Pottery

Take a step back in time and learn how to process native clay. Then we craft and fire our pottery.

Prehistoric Jewelry

Learn how to craft prehistoric southwest jewelry from shell and argillite.

Bow Making

There is no better feeling than making a long lasting bow from locally gathered natural materials. Learn how to select a bow stave, chase tree rings, sinew back, and tiller a bow.

Arrow Making

Crafting arrows can be challenging. We will teach you how to craft arrows using natural materials found in nature.


Master one of the most complex primitive skills. Learn how to craft thin and sharp arrowheads that will hunt large game


Make beautiful crafted coiled baskets using pine needles and vegetable fiber

Traps and Snares

Learn how to make and set dozens of traps and snares that are highly effective for securing small game

Fire Making

Primitive fire is one of the most fundamental skills. We will teach how to master the art of making fire with sticks


  • Free weekly live virtual class covering various primitive skills with Jeff Martin.
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  • Member exclusive newsletters covering new archaeological discoveries.
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  • Free weekly live virtual class covering various primitive skills with Jeff Martin
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  • Member exclusive newsletters covering new archaeological discoveries
  • Primitive Lifeways sticker.
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