Primitive Traps and Snares

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Indigenous cultures across the planet  incorporated wild game into their diet. While the bow and arrow system was used cross culturally, the application of traps and snares were heavily relied upon when small game was readily available. Small game is easier to catch and has a much higher success rate compared to hunting large animals. In this class we will take each student through the process of making different trapping systems.

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When and Where?

On Saturday March 2nd 2024 starting at 11:00am and ending around 3:00pm we meet at Holland Lake in Weatherford, TX. We will first meet in the main parking lot on the side of the road (look for the Primitive Lifeways truck)Holland Lake will come up on GPS when using Google or Apple Maps to navigate. After that, we will take a short hike into the wilderness and start our class. 



This workshop will cost $55.00 per person. Click the Register Now button below. *Please register ahead of time so we know how much materials to bring**

What to Expect?

There are many traps that are simply not effective in wilderness living and holistic practices. Years back when living in the wild for an extended period of time, I tested many different trapping systems out. The ones that had a high success rate, I held onto--the others were never used again. In this workshop we will first begin by hosting a quick lecture on trap safety, laws in trapping, the application of tapping, and more. After that each student will will learn how to carve, set, and use the following traps and snares: 
- Paiute Deadfall 
- Southern Paiute Trap
- Hopi Bird Snare
-Split Stick Deadfall
- L7 Spring Snare (if we have time)

**Animals will not be trapped in this workshop


The Finished Product

At the end of this class each student will have a detailed and hands on understanding of how different trapping systems work and opperate. Students will know what baits to use and what to avoid. Our group will learn where to set traps and how many to set for long term sustainability. Most important, each student will know how to ethically catch game. 


What to Bring?

NOTE: Pottery workshops are held in a highly controlled setting.

Mother nature is nothing to take for granted. Having spent over 30 years in a desert environment, Primitive Lifeways recommends you come prepared. 

  • Snarp Knife
  • Lots of water
  • Sack lunch
  • Medications
  • Sunblock (natural or synthedic)
  • Note book
  • First aid kit