Primitive Knife and Sheath (SOLD)




This Plains Indian replica sheath and stone knife is 99% all natural and I hand make each one. The leather is hand sewn brain tanned and wood-smoked mule deer hide with local argillite stone decorations–which ground and carved on sandstone. The red sheep’s wool is hand dyed using the cochineal beetle for the red pigment. The knife I flint knapped from raw Brazilian agate and mounted it in a locust wood handle using pine sap, charcoal, and deer feces as a binder. The only synthetic component is the nylon artificial sinew used for sewing the sheath together. My total time spent on this project was around 63 hours.

On a side note, did you know that traditional leather does not carry the same smell as leather products we use today? Native cultures across America tanned the leather with animal brains and smoked it with woods gathered from the landscape. This combination makes for a very soft and water resistant hide which carries a wonderful woodsmoke smell.


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